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Pimp Juice Traction Compound 1 Gallon

Pimp Juice Traction Compound 1 Gallon

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Pimp Juice is finally back! After a 10 year hiatus and countless hours of research and development, we've finally unlocked all the secrets to the traction formula and we're now bringing it back to the streets.  

This is not a re-branded formulation, unlike many of the brands that are currently being sold today. We have taken the time and money to precisely measure the correct amounts of solvents and polymers so that we could honestly say we own the entire formula from the ground up.  It's entirely proprietary to us. 

For the O.G. users out there who have used Pimp Juice in the past, you're going to notice a couple small changes.  First and foremost is the bottling. We have switched over to a pigmented bottle.  While researching the affect of UV Rays on the formula we concluded that UV light has a negative affect on the formula and decreases the shelf-life of the polymers.  We also took the time for a quick brand refresh and updated the logo because we like new shit.

 Another change we have made is to remove all pigmentation from the formula.  In lab testing we identified a negative chemical reaction between the polymers and pigmentation when used in large and small quantities so therefore all impurities have been removed.  You may have also noticed that it's clear rather than yellow.

Our polymers are non-toxic and free from impurities that simply don't assist in making the stickiest shit possible. Pimp Juice is also non-carcinogenic unlike the other traction formulas on the market today.  You should really take the time to read the MSDS sheets on the chemicals that you're using, it's not always race cars and rainbows. 

 The solvents and polymers we use are biodegradable, this leaves our local tree huggers and West Coast users without concern of any backlash.  

 Keep in mind that although this is the stickiest, safest and highest grade traction compound on the market today, it doesn't mean other mixes out there are garbage.  It's all really good stuff and you should support those who have supported you throughout the years.  We're about brand loyalty and using brands that fit your lifestyle the best. We just know what we have created is unique and original, we're proud and stoked that we are finally bringing Pimp Juice back to those who have faithfully awaited it's return.  We thank you and lookfoward to hooking up with ya soon!  

 - PJ Developement Team

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